Do you know that between 2020 and 2021, merchants experienced a significant increase in email subscriptions? Volume increased by a factor of two for certain businesses. More than 75% of marketers and company owners have noticed an increase in email engagement, readership on desktop and mobile devices, and, most significantly, open rates. According to certain research, open rates have climbed by 25%. These excellent figures show that, despite the epidemic, email marketing is still thriving.

Let’s look at the top email design trends for 2022 so you can stay ahead of the curve and help your company grow rather than stagnate.

Experience that is hyper-personalized

2022 will be about elevating individualized experiences to the next level, just like the previous two years. People are becoming more sophisticated and demanding, so neutral solutions that appeal to the masses and consider users as transactions are no longer effective. To stay in the game, everyone wants to feel privileged and appreciated, therefore generating hyper-personalized experiences is essential.

In reality, this entails deciding on the best solution for all important aspects of the email marketing, including:

  • Subject line
  • Segment
  • Time
  • Content
  • Offer
  • Signature

In addition, use email marketing methods like Birthday messages with discounts, Thank You notes, Early Access Invites, Customer Gratitude Emails, and more to trigger emails based on subscriber behavior and preferences and express your appreciation.

Email Design Trends for 2022

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence-powered platforms and solutions are the emerging trend in email marketing.
AI platforms and tools that investigate important customer data in the background come to the fore, assisting entrepreneurs in both the B2B and B2C sectors. They sift through millions of data points in a matter of seconds, correlate data from various sources, forecast subscriber actions, define optimized sending times, clean up email lists, identify warning signs for future campaigns, and, most importantly, make predictions and recommend the best strategies to drive engagement and secure high open rates.

Feedback and Reviews – Social Proof

In email design, social proof has never been more important. According to recent surveys, over 90% of buyers read reviews before purchasing, and more than half of them believe comments to be a crucial part in their purchasing choice. Whether they like it or not, most consumers trust reviews and personal recommendations, making user-generated content a top trend for 2022.

Social proof is a strong tool that impacts consumers’ decision-making and provides significant benefits to the business, such as developing trust and motivating loyalty.

UGC may take several forms in email design. As a rule, you’ll notice things like:

  • The client’s avatar or photograph
  • The client’s name
  • Client biographical sketch
  • Review the call-to-action button and give it a star rating.

Italic is a typeface that is used in email design.

Italic’s newsletter is built around user-generated content. It’s a superb blend of products and customer feedback. On the top and bottom of the design, three blocks and two call-to-actions are strategically arranged. A handwritten message from the CEO is also included.

The email design is straightforward: there’s nothing here that will attract the eye or pique curiosity. However, it continues to function because it provides real value to clients by displaying honest peer reviews. As a consequence, the email builds brand confidence and encourages users to explore the platform, resulting in much-needed traffic.

Email Design from Italic

According to a Bluecore survey, more than 64% of millennials and 60% of Gen Z feel that email is the greatest medium for communicating with brands. Furthermore, according to Optinmonster, 99 percent of email users check their digital communication on a regular basis, with more than half of them accessing their inbox first thing in the morning. Subscribers want well-crafted emails with hyper-personalized experiences, interesting animations, appealing images, and, most importantly, valuable information like discounts or early-bird access announcements.